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Title: IP-Bus
Post by: dam on 06 Jul 2004, 12:48
Hello, I'm Dam from Italy. I've got a little problem: I want to make a hand-made ip-bus cable (i need to interconnect a pioneer car-stereo to a pioneer cd-changer and i have no original cable). I've seen your ip-bus connector schemes so I've got a little question: do you think that a cable like this will work ok?


Have you got any other suggestion?
Thanks to all anyway.

Title: IP-Bus
Post by: Vitat on 06 Jul 2004, 17:24
IP-Bus cable is a pin to pin cable.

Title: IP-Bus
Post by: dam on 06 Jul 2004, 18:00
Thank you very much. I'll test the connection soon.

Title: Re: IP-Bus
Post by: Phakornwin on 21 Feb 2017, 13:19

This is the body of knowledge that I like very much. Read Aqua I'm not really that good.