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31  General / MP3 / Re: IP-BUS to Computer on: 03 Oct 2007, 14:09
Scope pics make with connected HU?
Can you upload firmware with diagnostic on?
32  General / MP3 / Re: Мои первые шаги и сразу споткнулся (GA-NET II) on: 14 Jun 2007, 23:13
Выкладывай, выкладывай. Smile
33  General / MP3 / Re: Driver шины on: 31 May 2007, 00:02
Ну скажем так. Работать заставить можно. Как правило на коротком шнурке. Если шнурок удлинять, то нужно будет играть с резюками для согласования линии.
Прелесть драйвера в том, что устройство сможет работать на длинном шнурке без глюков. У меня плеер в багажнике валялся на 5 метровом шнурке без проблем.
34  General / MP3 / Re: Driver шины on: 29 May 2007, 19:19
Вопрос к уважаемым Гуру: а чем чревато исползование в качестве драйвера линии портов микроконтроллера?
Тем что работать не будет. Very Happy
35  General / MP3 / Re: Multi-CD, после 10 минут отключается pioneer on: 07 May 2007, 11:38
Поиграйся с резисторами подтяжки линии к земле и обратной связи на компараторе, у меня на 5 метрах кабеля отлично работало в 8 часовых поездках.
Передача текущего времени увеличивает трафик на линии. Не удивительно, что с уменьшением трафика, вероятность ошибки передачи уменьшается.
36  General / MP3 / Re: Multi-CD, после 10 минут отключается pioneer on: 03 May 2007, 13:12
Как сделан трансивер? Какой длины кабель к магнитоле? Какое питание используется для эмулятора?
37  General / MP3 / Re: emulator and Yampp3 firmware update?? on: 13 Apr 2007, 15:01
Ожидается ли выход прошивки yampp_pioneer с поддержкой usb Question
Пока нет. Не вижу особого смысла на самом деле. Уже появились головные устройства у Пионера с поддержкой USB, есть с Bluetouch.
38  General / MP3 / Re: IP-BUS to Computer on: 29 Dec 2006, 11:00
checked = programmed = "0"
In AVR, programmed = 0, unprogrammed = 1.

I used YAPP and I say it on main site too.
39  General / MP3 / Re: IP-BUS to Computer on: 27 Dec 2006, 12:50
Yeah, Mega8 has fuse bits or option bits.  I know the one needs to be set for external oscillator, but I don't know what to do about the rest.  I wonder if that's why my HU doesn't recognize M-CD?

You don't read main site?
You can found screenshot with fuse bits.
40  General / MP3 / Re: IP-BUS to Computer on: 27 Dec 2006, 00:18
Thanks Vitat, I have fixed the schematic and built the circuit.
Will your firmware do anything if Yampp3 is not connected?
I tried connecting to my stereo's IP-bus, but M-CD is not available.  I am just trying to test it right now.
Also, what are the correct settings for the Fuse bits?

M-CD must be available without connecting yampp3.
Fuse bits for Mega8?
41  General / MP3 / Re: IP-BUS to Computer on: 07 Dec 2006, 02:57
Once more.
Put a p-n-p transistor and swap collector and emitter pins.
42  General / MP3 / Re: IP-BUS to Computer on: 06 Dec 2006, 02:33
Does the attached schematic look correct if I want to convert between IP Bus and 5V Serial?
I will use an external circuit to convert 5V serial to RS-232 so that part isn't in the schematic.
Swap the RX(4) and TX(14) pins at Mega8.
Swap the 2 and 3 input pins at lm393.
Remove R10, it's not needed.
43  General / MP3 / Re: CAN BUs interface - why not use the transciever IC's RX output on: 18 Oct 2006, 22:23
Hello Vitat,

I have a small question about your schematic for the emulator. You employ a CAN transceiver IC, but you only use the TX half of it . Is there a reason why you went to all the trouble of adding an extra comparator? Was it just for diagnostics or is there some deeper reason?

I am making an in car computer media player, and your work has transformed my approach since I can use the head unit to control everything, rather than having the computer do things - A vast improvement. This is an excellent piece of work that you have been polite enough to share with us. Your code seems very readable to me and again thankyou for making it easy for me. I shall probably implement the same process using a PIC, becuase I have all the development tools available (I'm an RF electronics engineer - designing mobiles and other stuff). I shall ensure that you are credited with having done the hard bits and publish my solution in due course


CAN bus interface is different than IP-Bus not only with protocol. I use CAN transiver only for transmit becouse IP-Bus reciver can understand levels from CAN but CAN reciver can't understand IP-Bus levels. And I use CAN IC becouse IP-Bus transivier very hard to buy. You can make transmiter on transistor without CAN transivier.
44  General / MP3 / Re: Schematic questions, also one about the firmware on: 15 Oct 2006, 02:53
Would it be possible to use this power supply ( ) or this one ( )and adapt it to have and on/off input? If i could adapt how would i do it? Is it necessery, could i just connect it to a switched 12v source thats controlled by the vehicle key? Thankyou for all your help so far
Maybe. I don't know how you can adapt on/off input.
45  General / MP3 / Re: Schematic questions, also one about the firmware on: 13 Oct 2006, 19:01
Sorry, i should have been more specific. I want to know C1 from the emulator schematic, and C7 from the power supply schematic. Also i'm afraid i don't know what L1 from the power supply is, im not very experienced. Is it apart of the transformer? Thankyou for your previous responses.
C1 - 47 microFarad electrolitic capacitor
C7 - 0.01 microFarad - 10 nanoFarad capacitor
L1 - any regular inductor
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