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21.03.08 Произведено обновление сайта/Site was updated
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Jan 01 2004     Multi-CD emulator
by Vitat | 4497 Views | Rating: (0 rates)
If you have a "yampp3" or "yampp3/USB" player developed by Jesper Hansen, you can connect it to your "Pioneer" head unit (HU) via "Multi-CD" (Pioneer CD-Changer) emulator.
With "Multi-CD" emulator, your "Yampp3" player is able to display Directory and File names on HU and you can remote "Yampp3" by HU. You need it? Ok!

Warning! This is beta stage! "Multi-CD" emulator is testing on "Pioneer" head unit with blue "IP-Bus" connector!

Block schematic for car player. (Click to enlarge)

For car MP3 player, I have bought an IP-Bus cable with power leads and "male" power connector. Then I have made a "female" IP-Bus connector, a Power supply and then the Multi-CD emulator.

IP-Bus connector.
1. BUSP1
2. Not connected
3. GND
4. Not connected
5. BUSM1
6. Not connected
10. GND
11. GND

This is a view of the port as it is seen on the back of a Pioneer Head Unit.

Schematic of Multi-CD emulator. (Click to enlarge)

The emulator will consist from:
U1 - PCA82C250 (CANBUS driver);
U2 - ATMega8-16PI (ATMEL microcontroller);
U3 - MAX202CSE (RS232 driver);
U4 - LM339N (Comparator).
All ICs in DIP package.

IC MAX202 to use not necessarily, it is possible to connect UART microcontrollers directly. But it can be necessary at testing the emulator for its hooking up to a computer.
Last firmware for Multi-CD emulator:
Last firmware for Yampp3 or Yampp3/USB:
I use "YAPP" programmer for upload software to the ATMEL microcontrollers.
For ATMega8, set "Fuse Bits" like this.
Before uploading firmaware, check variables in "Constans.h" and "makefile" files for your Yampp3 and recompile if needed!
For compile the sorcecode you need WinAVR GCC compiler Ver 3.3

What player can do with last firmware versions:
1. MultiCD mode.
2. Change directory number as change disc number.
3. Change file number as change track number.
4. Fast forward, fast rewind.
5. Display current disc and track number. Head unit can display up to 99 discs and 99 tracks!
6. Display current time of playing track.
7. Display directory name, up to 19 characters ("Disc Title"). (NEW)
8. Display file name, up to 19 characters ("Track Title").

Schematic of Power supply. (Click to enlarge)

Pinout 12V input connector:
1. +12V battery source;
2. "ASENBUS" from IP-Bus connector (12V/20mA);
3. Ground.
Pinout 5V output connector:
1. +5V;
2. Ground.

The transformer is made on the ferrite core. Each winding on 5 coils.
This Power supply with galvanic outcome. This need for clean sound without noise from car generator, from HDD and someone else. Believe me, it's needed!
You can use another Power supply (1A of load current), but it must have a "On/Off" input signal.
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